Thursday, August 26, 2010

All Done

Nick loves to say "all done". We started it when he was a baby as sign language. Mostly he uses it when he is done eating. There are other times he uses it as well, bath time, etc. Sometimes when he doesn't want to be in the car, he will tell me "all done".

The other day he was napping. Usually when he wakes from his nap, I can hear him stir a little over the monitor, start babbling, then talking, calling for various people. The other day, all I heard when he woke up was "all done". I thought it was so cute. It made me laugh.

A few days later, we were in the car. Nick wanted to sing, so I was singing to him. About three verses into the song I was singing, he said "all done". Somehow that wasn't so cute. Guess he confirms what everyone else thinks about me... I can't sing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Evaluations

It was a big couple of days for Nick. He was evaluated by ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) - and they determined he no longer was in need of their therapy! At first I was a little stunned, then as it sank in, I gradually got more excited and was almost in tears. - Literally-. I remember when we started this journey, after the scary medical stuff was out of the way, the next big hurdle was Nick "catching up". I remember hearing lots of issues from various people and most therapists and doctors cautioning that he wouldn't caught up till age 3 - and even then there would be delays.

While ECI - determines him caught up, I in no way believe my child is a super child by reaching this level now - at 20 months. More so, I realize that these so called "tests of ability and development" are really inaccurate. Any child can pass or fail on any given day- mostly due to the fact that they are toddlers and on a whim can decide to cooperate and not cooperate.

Don't get me wrong it is important, and while I fully recognize and see the value in it- sometimes I feel like the prematurity causes a little more scrutiny than that of other kids. I think if he weren't' a preemie - and wasn't doing some of the "developmental appropriate" stuff, no one would see any red flags. Cause the truth is - he is walking, talking, and running. He is a normal toddler.

I remember 20 months ago when this was all new and fresh and scary. Back then, I worried about every little detail and every little development. I fretted that he wasn't sitting, or standing or walking. Truth is, they all do it, and in their own time, preemie or not.

For now I take a cautious optimistic stand that all is going to continue to go well. We do have the option to go back to ECI if I and his doctor thinks it is necessary.

For now that is one less appointment I have to make every other week! Whew!

The formula study appointment was Monday. I don't know the results for that. They have to mail them to me. From what I observed, Nick did a great job. He could point to photos and do things that I was a little blown away by. His biggest issue was paying attention - but he is 20 months old. Surely the build that into the test!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day Care Days

Nick started day care last week. Up until then he was in the care of a great woman in her home. I loved that environment for him, but the commute was far (20-30 minutes extra each way). There is a great day care right near the house. So great, in fact, that there is a waiting list. I have had him on the wait list for a few months. He was set to begin Aug. 2nd.

So far, the transition has been fantastic. I was so worried that he would be a little overwhelmed with all the new stuff. I think I was more worried about the routine. Up until now, if he was tired, he slept, if he was hungry, he ate. Now, he eats on schedule, naps on schedule.

I am happy to report that he has adjusted fantastically. (Is that a word?) The first day he walked in with me, and was so excited about all his new friends - he almost forgot that I was there. When I requested a kiss and hug good-bye, he obliged, but went right back to sitting at the table with friends (3 girls I might add) - and playing.

It has really been a good thing so far. He is eating dinner better, he naps for the entire nap time during the day. He is genuinely happy to go to school. Every morning when I tell him we are getting ready for school, he smiles and says "cool!" (school).

The only problem we have had was the nasty eye infection he picked up at the end of last week, but I guess that comes with the territory. For now, happy and healthy and loving his new school!

Next week Nick will have two developmental assesments. I can't wait to find out how he is doing. I know that chances are he will still be behind in some areas, but I know that he is quickly catching up. His vocabulary is starting to explode, he is growing and learning! It is so neat to watch him grow.

This is from a recent photo-shoto at work. I loved the idea!