Thursday, May 12, 2011

Catch Up....

Nick and I have been so busy lately. It is hard to keep up. I am going to hit the highlights (photos included) of the last few weeks.

The Zoo!
I was so excited about going to the zoo a few weeks ago. My mom's company has a fund raiser every year and I couldn't wait to take Nick. He LOVES animals and loves to see them in books and on TV, I thought he would love it. I was wrong. The first animal we saw upon entering was the elephant. I don't think he was prepared for how big the elephant was. It scarred him. All he kept saying was "Elephant too big". To this day, if someone mentions an elephant, he says elephant too big. He liked seeing the animals - from afar and in my arms. We did get to ride on the train outside of the zoo that goes around the park. That was awesome to him! All in all, it wasn't a bad experience, but I think we will wait a bit before trying the zoo again.

March of Dimes Walk

I am so excited about the March of Dimes walk. Team Nick Chuck raised $1800 and had 12 team members walking with us. It was awesome. I was so thrilled and humbled by the event. It was hard to see so many family members walking for babies that didn't make it. Made me so incredibly thankful for the gift of my son. It is hard to put into words how lucky and thankful I feel.

Pool Time

Nick got a blow up pool from "The Easter Bunny" at Grandma's House. It has been warm enough to get it out lately and he loves it! He squeals with delight the moment he steps in the pool. How can I deny that kind of fun?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Team Nick Chuck

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know how Nick came into this world. To put is short - Early. Way too early. To this day, I don't know why. I wish I did. If we knew why, we could take the steps to cure it.

Since Nick was born, I wanted to walk in the March for Babies walk for March of Dimes. This is the year. I have signed up our team and am amazed at the support I have been getting from my friends and relatives. It has been almost overwhelming.

When I started the team a few weeks ago, I went back into the old archives of this blog to get some pictures and refresh myself with the whole ordeal. Can you believe I actually forgot certain things? Most of the stuff I read I hadn't forgotten, more just buried deep somewhere in my subconscious. The more I read and looked at those photos, the more tears came to my eyes. I think at that point, I was so focused on him and him getting better, so many days I never had time to feel my emotions.

Then something funny happened, the more I read, the more I realized, that is all a thing of the past. My boy is healed. He is better. While there may be some lingering things that we have yet to discover - he is okay, he survived. He is happy and healthy and smiling and loving.

Wouldn't it be great if every baby had that outcome? Even better if every baby didn't have to go through it. March of Dimes makes so much headway each year to ensure every baby comes home happy and safe. They are a huge support system for parents going through this traumatic experience. I know I looked up many a medical term, outcome and story on their website in those 3 months.

If you know me, or Nick, or just read the blog - help support us! We want to make sure every baby comes home happy and healthy!

The link above will take you to our Team Nick Chuck page. You can make a donation via credit card, debit card or by check. EVERY dollar counts.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mardi Gras!

Growing up in Galveston, Mardi Gras was always a huge part of my life. My parents took my brother and I to parades when we were little. I always came home from school to go, and always have so much fun. I knew Nick would love going.

Last weekend, I took him to the day parade (the night parade is just a little too rowdy, and late for my little man just yet). At first he was confounded as to why we were standing in the street- as that is usually a "no no". Once the parade started with the bands and floats and the throwing of beads - he was all in!

He would dance around when the bands would march by and then when the floats came, he quickly learned how to stick his little hand up in the air and yell for beads. He cleaned up! He loves Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I know I have been horrible about posting, but we are back...sort of. Nick keeps me busy! He is doing so well. I often forget that he has so much catching up to do. His teachers comment that he is smart, and has one of the biggest vocabularies in his class, despite being one of the youngest kids! A mom can never hear that too much!

Other things going on - or the biggest thing on my mind right now - POTTY TRAINING! I am about to make a run at it. Advice certainly welcome! He does go on the potty, but hasn't gotten the hang of telling me when he needs to go. So, we are trying.
Nick's favorite passtime of the last few weeks has been going to the neighbors to jump on the trampoline. When he gets home, the first thing he says is "PD house, jump, jump". He loves it.

Here are a few pictures from the last few months -

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Dear Nick,

I can't believe it has been two years since you joined my world. Do I say that to you every year? I am sure I do, and I am sure it won't be the last time. There will be many things your mom will say to make you roll your eyes, but like this and so many others, you just have to suffer through it.

You are amazing! I can't believe how much you have grown in the last year. I look back at photos from your 1st birthday, and you still look so much like a baby. Now, you are a toddler through and through.

Your vocabulary has exploded. I wish I could name all the words you could say, but I would be here until next year. You are currently in the "what's that?" phase. You need to name everything and when you don't know the name, you ask. You also love to repeat everything.

Favorite foods right now, pancakes and macaroni (or Can-cakes and macahoni as you say it).

You are a playing machine. You love to play with your cars and tractors. Your favorite things to spot are school buses and motorcycles. You get so excited when you see either of those things.

Nick, right now you have many favorites, and you add to them daily. Each day with you is a new adventure. You grow, love and live more life than anyone I know. You have been such a blessing in my life. I love you more than anything in this world little man. I am torn each day between wanting to watch you grow up, and wanting to keep you my little boy forever. Please remember, no matter how big you get, I will love you more than anyone else in the world.

Love you,


Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Party!

We had a busy Thanksgiving to say the least. Thanksgiving day was a great day. No matter what we are doing, or where we are, the one thing that I am most thankful for is Nick. He is growing and changing so much, I almost can't believe it. It seems as though he learns a new phrase a day. He has graduated from his high chair into a booster seat, at his own request. He has even started using the potty (though that is a whole other post!) There are many times I wish I could stop time. Of course, he has his moments as well - moments that make me want to fast forward time a minute or two.

I had Nick's birthday party Friday - it was great. We had lots of friends and family that were able to attend as they were in town for the holiday. Nick didn't understand exactly what the party was for, or about. He also seemed quite bewildered that all these people he knew were all together in one house, but he was happy to go along with it - especially since it meant he got a cupcake!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nick's Baptism

When the Pastor at church tells you that "He's never had that happen at a baptism.", all you can do is smile!

I was a little late in getting Nick baptized. The first year was just crazy, then I had to take the classes. Baptism is only done a few Sunday's a year, so we had to wait for the next one to come around. Sunday, November 7th, Nick was baptized. It was a wonderful service. I was very lucky and blessed to have many loving friends and family there to witness it.
I was worried about Nick behaving during the service. He loves to talk and point and tell you what things are, so I was sure he would do something to disrupt the service. To my surprise, he did great. He talked a little, but it was fairly quiet.

Then came his moment. Father Tom picked him up, facing the baptismal bowl. Father Tom told Nick he was going to put his hand in the water, and put it on his head. Before Father Tom could do it, Nick stuck his hand in the water then put it on his head. Father Tom said "Man, you don't even need me." The whole church erupted in laughter! It was hilarious. Father Tom continued with the baptism.

So many people came up to us after church to tell us how Nick stole the show. It was definitely a moment I will never forget! I love that my child can provide me with such joy, laughter, and pride.

Friday, October 15, 2010


It has been a while since I have written. I realized last night, that there are so many new and wonderful things that Nick is doing, I needed to blog about it so I will have it to remember. He grows and changes so much that I know in a short time some of these great (and not so great) things will be gone.

Nick's vocabulary has grown exponentially. He has a ton of words that he says - too many to name. Most I can understand, although there is a few that he repeats over and over that I can't quite get. I try the context clues, but still can't get it.

He is really starting to string words together, we aren't up to sentences yet, but he does do 2-3 words at a time.

Nick LOVES his Cul Brain (Uncle Brian) - and asks for him everyday. He even goes to the back door calling for Uncle Brain in the hopes that we will hop in the car and go see him.

He loves to tell you what certain animals say:

Puppy : "Fruft" (Ruff)
Kitty: "Mauw"
Duck: "Cack, Cack"
Cow: "Moooooo"
Lion: "Raaaar"

Can-cakes (pancakes) are his favorite breakfast food, made even better with Bacon. Oni (macaroni) is his favorite dinner time meal. He also likes chicken.

Every morning on the way to school he looks for school buses - his favorite thing to spot. He loves to spend time outside and swing!
There are many other fantastic things that Nick does. He makes me smile and laugh everyday!

There are a few less fun things - the tantrums, oh the tantrums! Luckily, he doesn't do it often, and there is often and underlying reason (hungry or tired). There was an incident yesterday morning involving a dirty diaper and Nick apparently trying to "change himself" that resulted in a complete and total clean-up, but most days are absolute joy.
I love my little man and can't imagine my life with out him!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Growing Pains?

Nick has been going through a rough couple of weeks. I don't know if he is growing or switching schedules or what. Lately he has not been sleeping well. He goes down just fine, but around 1 am he wakes up and screams. I try milk, rocking, etc. Most of the time, he will sit contently in my lap, then sit up and start talking to me. While I LOVE any opportunity to have a conversation with my little man, 2 in the morning is not my ideal time of day.

This doesn't happen often, but last week it was 3 nights in a row. Of course, they had to be all on work nights, none on the weekend. He usually sleeps all night on weekends.

He also hasn't been eating well. Last night I struggled to find something he would eat for dinner. we settled on peanut butter crackers, yogurt and blueberries - which is pretty healthy, even if it isn't a "traditional meal".

Regardless of growing pains, sleepless nights, or mealtime struggles, we had a great weekend. Sunday consisted mostly of dancing in the rain. He is obsessed with rain right now. Loves to say "It's raining". So Sunday, when we had a few light showers, outdoors we went. Why shouldn't we take a little time to play in the rain?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

All Done

Nick loves to say "all done". We started it when he was a baby as sign language. Mostly he uses it when he is done eating. There are other times he uses it as well, bath time, etc. Sometimes when he doesn't want to be in the car, he will tell me "all done".

The other day he was napping. Usually when he wakes from his nap, I can hear him stir a little over the monitor, start babbling, then talking, calling for various people. The other day, all I heard when he woke up was "all done". I thought it was so cute. It made me laugh.

A few days later, we were in the car. Nick wanted to sing, so I was singing to him. About three verses into the song I was singing, he said "all done". Somehow that wasn't so cute. Guess he confirms what everyone else thinks about me... I can't sing.