Monday, December 28, 2009

Nick's Christmas

Nick's first Christmas (at home) was great. He didn't really understand the whole present thing, however, he did take great delight in ripping the wrapping paper. He really cleaned up. I don't know who spoiled him more, Santa, or Grandma! We had a great Christmas. I was so happy to have my little man home with me this year. Last year, he actually fit in his stocking at Christmas. This year, he was able to pull presents out of it. It was fantastic. Unfortunetly, my camera card decided to corrupt just as we started opening presents from my mom's house. I hope to post pics of Nick from home soon. The following are from my mom's camera Christmas morning.

video of Nick playing with one of his presents...towards the end he will dance and sing for you!

these are just the presents from Grandma, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Chrissy-toes

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why my house is no longer clean...

Because pulling EVERY toy out of the basket is his new favorite pass-time!

And he is clearly proud of himself! (By the way, yes that is a cup - Out of every toy I have ever given my child, his favorite two things, a cup and sunglasses- kids?!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

1st Birthday Party

Nick's birthday party was awesome! We had many great family and friends to celebrate with us. Nick enjoyed being the center of attention. He showed off all of his new tricks, crawling, clapping, and dancing. Nick got lots of great gifts, and LOTS of books. I am so glad his book shelves are full
Nick wasn't really sure what to do about the cake. He didn't eat much of it, but he made a big mess... and loved it!
Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another One?!!!!!

Another Tooth! A top tooth came in this morning. I can't believe he got another tooth. I think he just wants a steak at his birthday party instead of cake.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crawling Mania

Sorry I haven't written in a while... I spend most of my time chasing the now extremely mobile Nicholas around. He so graciously shows me where my attempts at baby proofing have failed miserably. At first his attempts at crawling were limited to the room we were in. Now, he has learned that he can escape into other areas of the house. Luckily, when he does crawl into another area of the house, he is so amazed at himself, he immediately sits up and claps - he is so proud. I know this won't last long, and the time has come that baby gates will now be put to good use.

We are getting ready for Nick's birthday party this weekend! LOTS of photos will come!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1 Year Old Today!

Dear Nick,

Happy Birthday! I absolutely can not believe you are 1 today. It has been quite a year. It started rocky, but you have made it incredible. Words can never express to you how have brought unimaginable joy to my life. Words can never express how proud I am of the accomplishments you have made over the past year.

I remember seeing you for the first time. How much I wanted to hold you and comfort you. You were so small, and so fragile. You proved that you had a spirit and will much bigger than you. I remember everyone talking about how many challenges you were about to face, how hard your road would be, and how scary all the issues you could have sounded. Somewhere, deep down in my heart and soul, I knew you would be fine. I knew that you would have your struggles, but that you were going to be perfect.

Now here you are. You are absolutely perfect. All 15lbs, 9 ounces of you. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make my heart so full. Your spirit, love, independence are an inspiration to me every day.

You started crawling and pulling up yesterday. All in one day! Just another example of your strong will - when you are ready to do something, you do it BIG! You favorite things to do right now are pretty much anything you can do o your own. You are the most independent child I have ever seen. You love to feed yourself, and you always try to 'help" mom.
I am so proud of you. I don't know if I can ever tell you that enough. I can't wait for what the next year holds. I just wish there was a way to slow down time, so that I could soak up every minute of you.

I love you doodle bug,


Nick at 5 days old with a stuffed moose.

Nick last night with the same moose. Boy how you've grown!