Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Morning Story (Instead of A Bedtime Story)

Nicholas loves the dogs. Nicholas wakes up every morning looking for the dogs. Nicholas also knows how to fake cough to get attention. Nicholas fake coughs at the dogs in an attempt to get them to pay attention to him. The dogs do not cooperate. Nicholas gets mad.

The End.

Monday, September 21, 2009

2 Appointments

Two posts in two days... I either have something to say, or I am just putting off the laundry that needs to be folded, and the accounting homework that is due Wednesday. Either way, here it is.

Nick had two appointments today. I think he is responsible for getting UTMB out of the red, but that is a post for another day. We met with Kristin, the study formula nurse. Nick got his weight check... 14lb, 6 oz. He gained 6 oz in 1 week! His average for the last 4-5 months has been 1/2 pound every two weeks. He gained almost a half a pound in a week! His preemie clinic doc will be so happy! (I hope)
We also had an audiology appointment. Many of the drugs Nick got while in the NICU can have adverse affects on his hearing. He passed with flying colors. The tech said that many babies have a hard time doing the hearing test. They don't like the little device in their ear, and they won't be quiet long enough to get the info needed. Nick was so interested in looking at the tech, and trying to get her to smile at him, he did the whole test, both ears in less than 5 min. He passed, and is done with audiology.

I did however consider coming home and dipping him in a vat of anti-bacterial hand wash. Sitting in the waiting room for both appointments, you would be amazed at how many kids are sick with the flu. (I assume it was the flu because the check in nurses made the kids wear masks.) I resisted the urge to dip his whole body, but I did wash both of our hands... twice.
On a side note, all this growing he is doing, Nick can finally fit into some of the outfits I bought a while back. Too bad we are about to change seasons...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why I Don't Seem To Post As Much

It is not because there is not much going on! It is actually quite the opposite. I don't know if I have shared this, but I am back in school. Taking 9 hours of class, plus being full time mom, having a full time job, and the various other things that you have to do to survive... like eat, do laundry, clean the bathroom etc. My day goes something like this:

5:30 wake up and jump in the shower, hope to be able to shower, blow dry and fix my hair, put on my makeup before Nick wakes up.
6:30 If Nick hasn't already awaken, get him up, dressed and wrestle him into taking a bottle**
7:30 Out the door, taking Nick to Stacie's house then me to work
8:30-5:00 Me at work
5:45 Pick Nick up, have a little play time, wrestle him into to taking another bottle**
6:30 Feed Nick dinner, bath time, bed time
7:30 Start studying/homework
11:00 Finish up laundry, get bags packed and ready for tomorrow
11:30 bedtime for me

** I don't actually wrestle Nick, but for some reason, I think he gains arms and legs when I try to give him a bottle.

Nick is doing well. We are still trying to pack on the pounds. He is starting to take his bottles better, some nights I don't even have to get up in the middle of the night. We are continuing to look for baby foods that have the most calories so that he can gain the maximum weight. He goes back on the 14th of October for another weigh in. He did have his 9 month pediatrician appointment last week. 14 pounds, 25 inches. Even after the increased calories, he is only gaining about 1/2 pound every two weeks. I think the more calories they make him take, the more his little body has to burn.

I took some video this weekend of the rocking he is doing while up on his knees, his precursor to crawling. Hope to post it soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Preemie Clinic

Life has been busy to say the least. Sorry I haven't updated in a little while. I am enrolled in school right now... taking 9 hours, working full time and being full time mom. Life is busy.

That doesn't mean my little man hasn't been up to his old tricks, and a few new ones. Nick had another preemie clinic appointment last week. He weighed in at 13 pounds 8 ounces. As you may (or may not) suspect, they were not happy with the weight gain. Nick had even dropped .2 percent in his weight percentile. While .2% isn't a lot to most of us, a negative move is not a good move. So, we upped the calories of his bottles again. I am now mixing his formula so that each ounce is 26 calories. They also decided that waking him up each night is a good idea. So, all that time I spent getting him to sleep through the night, gone. I set my alarm each night and wake him to get him to take a bottle.

They said they would like him to gain 20 grams a day. Right now he is only gaining on average 10 grams a day. Not sure how well this is all going to go over. We are trying. It seems that the bigger problem for Nick is that he is in CONSTANT MOTION. He never stops. Feet, hands, mouth, doesn't matter, something is always moving.

Tummy time is excellent. He likes being on his tummy. The last few days, he has even started getting up on his knees, rocking a little, and inch worming a little. It is not very often, but it is defiantly a step in a crawling direction. I am sooo not ready to baby proof the house! Sitting up seems to be a little more challenging for him, mainly because he would rather be held standing so his little feet can go, go, go. He seems to have no time for this sitting down stuff. When he does figure out this moving, thing, watch out. I will try to get his movements on video, it is a sight.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

9 months

Dear Nick.
I am sorry that I am a few days late in writing this to you. There have been so many things going on. Right now, I am reminded of how short and precious life can be. I seem to be reminded of that every so often. You were a reminder of that, in a very good way.

Aunt Janet (who technically is of no blood relation, but has been in my life since I was 8), whom you will hear many stories about, lost her battle to breast cancer last night. She was such a special person, full of life. You will no doubt hear many stories about her in the future. She loved you, like you were her own grandchild. She came to see you often in the hospital, and spoiled you at your baby shower.

The most important thing that I learned from Janet was to live life. I hope that you learn that lesson as well. Nothing was ever more important than Janet's friends and family. In this life, that is the most important thing. You will learn many lessons in your life, but I hope that you cherish that one.

Last night when I got home, I picked you up and held you while you slept. I told you that no matter what you do, or where you go in your life, I will always be there with you and I will always support you.

You have grown so much in the last month. Do I say that every month? At some point I am sure you will read these letters, and roll your eyes and groan. But I also hope that at some point you will cherish them as well.

You are one happy, smiley baby! You love to take everything in, and then give life a big smile. Especially if you have a good view of a dog. Your puppies always make you smile. You are still a fantastic eater. Squash, peas, green beans, carrots and avocado are your favorites. You are good with fruits but you don't gobble them up like you do the veggies.

Your awake time is spent mostly playing, talking, and smiling. You lay under your play mat and play and play. You like your exercauser, especially now that you figured out you can put a lot of the toys in your mouth. I recently got you a Johnny Jump. You haven't quite figured out how to jump in it yet, but you mostly twirl yourself around. You are eye level with the dogs in the Johnny Jump, so you spend most of your time twirling around to watch them.

You love music. Any kind, it doesn't matter if it is on the radio, tv, or I am singing. You will kick your legs like crazy when you hear music. Hopefully you got some of you Uncle Brian's music ability, cause mommy doesn't have any musical talent beyond keeping a beat. But I would guess you know that, as you have heard me sing.

Keep growing little man. You are doing so well. I could not have asked for a better and more precious baby than you.

Love you Nick,


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Uncle Brian/Brain/Buddy! I love you!