Friday, May 28, 2010

All is Forgiven

I could never stay upset at my little man. The smile he give me every morning (even if it is followed by the word "puppy", and a look around mom to find the dogs). Earlier this week I took Nick to the beach to have some photos made. It has been a while, and he has changed so much. I wanted to make sure the capture this fun time in his life.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


When did my sweet, loving, happy, baby turn into this whining, toddling, throw himself on the floor and throw a fit, thinks that mommy can do nothing right toddler? And how do I change him back?

It isn't really that bad, but lately, he has had his moments. Tonight, I was "that lady". You know the one, the mom in the restaurant/store/clinic that has the whinny kid, that won't stop whining, crying, or just being an unpleasant child. Yeah, tonight was my first experience being "that mom". The one that everyone at every table around us was probably thankful when we left. Usually Nick is so good at restaurants. He loves to look at all the people, eat, try to get the girl at the table next to us, or the waitress to smile and flirt with him. Not tonight. Nothing I did made him happy/content. Is this a sign of what is to come?

I only hope he makes it through his toddler years! Good thing I love him so much!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Favorite Passtimes

If I am in the kitchen, or even if I am not, Nick's favorite passtime is to pull EVERYTHING out of the kitchen cabinets. I have tried to get him to stick to one particular cabinet - it just has plastic stuff in it. I am mostly successful with that. He knows that is his cabinet, and he routinely drags every single item out and scatters them over the kitchen floor. It makes a huge mess, and loud noises. What more could a boy love?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Son

Being a mother has been an amazing journey, and I am only 17 months into this adventure. I can't imagine what fun you have in store for me in the future.

On this day, Mother's Day. The world stops to remember their mother's, celebrate their mother's and appreciate their mothers. Today, as I looked at you sleeping, I realized, the true meaning of Mother's day is appreciating you. You have brought more joy, laughter and fulfillment into my life. On this day my little man, I thank you. I can't wait to watch you grow and learn. You are a fantastic son, more than I could ever hope for, wish for, or imagine.

I love you.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pool Time

Sunday was warm enough here to enjoy our first dip in the pool. I was pretty sure Nick would like it. I was not prepared for how much he would LOVE it. He is a water baby through and through. He floated around in his crab float. He liked that because he could be independent. He did want to get out for a bit, problem was, he thought he could be on his own outside of the float as well.

I held him by the tummy. He would kick and try to splash. He didn't mind water in his face, he even had a splash war with my neighbor P.D. He loved it!!!

The photo below also inspired a discussion among friends about Nick's hair. I so had my heart set on a head full of little boy curls. While his hair is growing - finally, the reality of a head full of thick adorable curls is probably not going to happen. I am a little sad, and not quite ready to get that first hair cut. I know it is long, but technically, it is only long is places. We will see how long I can hold out