Thursday, May 12, 2011

Catch Up....

Nick and I have been so busy lately. It is hard to keep up. I am going to hit the highlights (photos included) of the last few weeks.

The Zoo!
I was so excited about going to the zoo a few weeks ago. My mom's company has a fund raiser every year and I couldn't wait to take Nick. He LOVES animals and loves to see them in books and on TV, I thought he would love it. I was wrong. The first animal we saw upon entering was the elephant. I don't think he was prepared for how big the elephant was. It scarred him. All he kept saying was "Elephant too big". To this day, if someone mentions an elephant, he says elephant too big. He liked seeing the animals - from afar and in my arms. We did get to ride on the train outside of the zoo that goes around the park. That was awesome to him! All in all, it wasn't a bad experience, but I think we will wait a bit before trying the zoo again.

March of Dimes Walk

I am so excited about the March of Dimes walk. Team Nick Chuck raised $1800 and had 12 team members walking with us. It was awesome. I was so thrilled and humbled by the event. It was hard to see so many family members walking for babies that didn't make it. Made me so incredibly thankful for the gift of my son. It is hard to put into words how lucky and thankful I feel.

Pool Time

Nick got a blow up pool from "The Easter Bunny" at Grandma's House. It has been warm enough to get it out lately and he loves it! He squeals with delight the moment he steps in the pool. How can I deny that kind of fun?