Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catch Up... Again

I feel like I have done nothing this month but play catch up... and I guess the blog shouldn't be any different. I wish I could say nothing much has been going on, but we have been really busy. Nick continues to grow and change and learn at amazing rates. He talks so much now - most of which I can't understand. I do relish the fact that I can understand him more than others. He absolutely amazes me with his knowledge. He only has to see things once or twice to be able to repeat them. He loves to copy mommy. (I am learning to watch what I say and do). It is so amazing what little sponges they are at this age.

I wish that I could say that I have some great video of all these things, but the moment the video camera comes out, all his energy is immediately focused on getting to the camera. So, most of my video is closeup views of his nose, with his little hands reaching beyond the camera.
I thought yesterday it would be a good idea to save a few things for posterity sake on the blog... things that I can't wait to go back and read many years from now.

Nick LOVES blueberries. If he sees them, he immediately shouts "Berries" until you give him some. He eats them at least once or twice a day.

Nick loves to be sung to and listen to music. His top favorite songs right now are itsy bitsy spider (or "piper") as he calls it. He puts his little fingers together and requests "piper" until you sing it.

He also loves Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and Pat-a-cake.

When he hears music on the radio, on a commercial, or just on t.v., he will start stomping his feet, and waving his hands and saying "Nance, Nance" (dance, dance). If he is really excited about the music, he can usually put a little spin in there right now.
Nick knows body parts, and loves to point them out on himself as well as others. Some of the favorite ones to point out are nose, eye, teeth, ear, belly (a big favorite), toes, hair and tongue.

Nick can count to 5 when prompted.
His absolute favorite thing to do right now is "Go Bye-Bye". He doesn't care where he goes, as long as he goes.

Life is always fun around Nick. He amazes me, and makes me laugh more than anything I could have ever imagined!
A few photos from a recent family wedding:

Nick dancing at the wedding with his Aunt Crissy Toes!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Lot of Catch Up

It has been a while since I have updated. I have been so busy, time has just gotten away from me. Here is a quick update of what Nick and I have been up to with pictures!

The week after Nick went to the doctor - he got sick. His first illness (you know, other than that whole premature in the hospital for 3 1/2 months thing). This was the first time he has run a fever and I had to actually take him to the doctor. How blessed am I that we went 18 months? He ended up having a virus, that causes a high fever (103.7). No antibiotics because it was a virus, just waited it out. I was at home with him a few days and while he was medicated with Tylenol, you could not tell he was sick! He was a wild man, into everything. I think at one point I asked him why he didn't want to lay down and cuddle like you do when you are sick. He responded by running in the other room to get into yet another cabinet and pull everything out.

Next thing on the to do list - getting Nick his first hair cut! I always envisioned a head full of curls, but sadly, he did not get my full head of thick hair, so while I was trying to let the curls grow, he just started looking scraggly. So first haircut was a must. My brother decided he could do it - and did a really great job.

Next came the 4th of July. I bought Nick the cutest pair of plaid shorts in red, white and blue. Unfortunately, I bought them a while back and he did not grow into them as I had intended so, my wonderfully envisioned 4th of July photos of him didn't turn out as planned. That's ok though, because he didn't really cooperate either.

He did really enjoy the corn on the cob on the 4th of July! (Notice the new haircut)

I am trying to get Nick used to wearing shoes all day. It is a challenge. While he loves to wear his Yews (Shoes), he likes to take them off, put them on, take them off, put them on etc. We are working on it. I bought him some tennis shoes that tie (harder to take off). He gets so excited to put them on every morning.

Whew! That is all we have been up to for now. This coming weekend is a family wedding - so I can't wait to take lots of pictures of my handsome man in his wedding best!