Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rock Out

I have been telling people about Nick rocking out in the car for a while, but now I finally have it on video. He LOVES music. When ever he hears a song he likes, he gets to movin'. He waves his hands and claps. It is hilarious. I am so glad I finally got it on video. He seems to particularly like pop and hip/hop. The Black Eyed Peas are personal favorite of his right now. (NOTE: The car was NOT in motion when I was filming this!)


Last weekend my mom's company was hosting an event at the Houston Zoo. It gave us the opportunity to go to the zoo with out too much of a crowd. I wasn't sure about taking Nick, thought he was probably too young to really know what he was looking at, or be excited. But, since it was for a good cause, and it was a pretty day, I took him.

Although he didn't get the full effect of the zoo, and the animals, Nick really enjoyed himself. There were a lot of exhibits in the children's area that were geared toward they younger kids. We pet goats, looked at porcupines, crawled through tunnels, saw elephants and giraffes. It was a lot of fun!

waiting to go into the zoo

waiting - not so patient to get into the petting zoo. He was very excited to go pet the goats!

Just a photo op

Nick liked watching the porcupines. They had a viewing window down low for the younger kids. He kept knocking on the window and watching them move around.

This was a tunnel they have for kids to crawl around in, Nick would crawl a bit, then look back at me. He kept thinking I was going to stop him. He loved it!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Sorry it has been a few weeks. Life has just been super busy! We did find some time this weekend to hang out with friends. Our neighbors all got together Saturday afternoon/evening to hang out. All the kids were hanging out, and I put Nick in the grass. He hated it! So much so that the scooted, very quickly, to Annie (my neighbors daughter) and sat on her foot, lifted his legs and wouldn't move. Of course I had to leave him there to run and get the camera.

I tried numerous times to put him in the grass, sit with him, etc. All results were the same. He would sit and hold up his legs. This kid must have abs of steel!

Today was another therapy appointment. I casually mentioned the whole grass thing to his therapist today. She said that he may have a little sensory issues, and we should do some sensory work. Sensory work will be fun - especially for Nick. Playing in pudding and shaving cream, a small kiddie pool full of sand, lots of fun... and messy!!!!

In other therapy news... still taking steps. He is getting more confident. Nick took 10 steps today in a row. Am I ready for this????

just a cute baby photo so he doesn't absolutely hate me later in life...